Flipping Heck! - Start a Successful Flipping Business on Ebay

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You've probably heard of flipping.

Flipping burgers?

Flipping pancakes?


Taking everyday items and flipping them on the internet to turn them into cold hard cash.💰

There's always been that one factor holding you back from getting started though, right?

I get these questions all the time from people just like you - people who want to start but need that extra reassurance that it is possible to double their income.

  • Will flipping work for me since I’m not in the USA?
  • What items can I flip if I’m not in the USA?
  • Do the same steps work for people in the UK?
  • Can I get results if I'm in the UK?
  • How did your success go as a person from the UK?

That's I made 'Flipping Heck!'. To show you that all of these challenges can be overcome.

In fact, I'll show you exactly how.

With my knowledge and guidance, I will show you step-by-step exactly how to flip items on Ebay for a profit. Whether you're in the UK or not.

This is specifically aimed at people in the UK! However, the principles inside this book apply worldwide, so don't hold back.

I'm going to take you on a journey from start to finish across the crazy landscape of flipping.

Whether you're a complete beginner or already got some sales under your belt - you will learn something that will help you in this book.

I want to give you the best chance at success before you even make that first sale.

Are you ready to grind and take your income to the next level?

Let’s get to work.🚀


"I had recently started flipping on Ebay and had already had help from Jack, but this ebook was just what I needed to fine-tune the in’s and out’s involved with postage and couriers as well as what to say and what not to say when dealing with customer complaints. This is the perfect tool for anyone interested in flipping on Ebay as he covers everything from account set up to listing items to where to source items! 100% recommend." -@capfc


My Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee for You

If you buy this ebook, follow the advice inside, and don’t see results within the first 90 days, I will refund you. You simply need to show me that you used the tools and techniques I mentioned inside, consistently for 90 days. No half-assing - you must try!

Why 90 days?

Ebay stores take around 90 days to get access to promoted listings and higher selling limits. During this time you will be able to make significant progress towards your goals.

If you're not earning money from flipping - I've not done my job. So we have an agreement with two terms. As long as you've put the work in and can prove it to me, and have NOT got results, I will refund you.

This ebook WILL help you double your income, give it your best shot and apply all the knowledge within.

This Book Covers...

  • What exactly flipping is and how you can start in a week.📅
  • How you can set an earnings goal and work backwards to smash it.🔨
  • How to set up a killer Ebay store which converts listings to cash.💸
  • The best advice in the game to avoid suspension and be a top-rated seller.👍
  • Where you can get postage supplies... for FREE!🤯
  • The best couriers to use to reach your customers fast and safely.📦
  • How to handle dreaded customer complaints with ease.😎
  • The best stores to source products, without needing Walmart!🛒
  • What products you can sell for a profit in this ever-changing game.💰
  • How to make sure your listings hit as many people as possible & turn into cash.📈
  • Planning your supply routes around town to be a more effective flipper, saving you time.🚗

  • The exact scripts you need to handle customer questions, complaints and returns like a professional.👔
  • My very own profit-tracking spreadsheet so you can keep track of every sale and watch that profit skyrocket!🚀
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Bonus Profit Tracking Tool
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Flipping Heck! - Start a Successful Flipping Business on Ebay

11 ratings
I want this!